The souk

Oil on Canvas
146cm × 114cm

The tailor.web

The Tailor

Oil on canvas
100cm × 73cm

4.Espoire (73x60)_Maiada EL KHALIFA._v_internet


Oil on canvas
73cm × 60cm

le passage web size

The Crossing

Oil on canvas
100cm × 81cm

The passage is a painting of a crossing in a boat in a rural setting in Sudan.

The woman, depicted in the bright yellow « tobe »- the national dress for women, is the main character in this painting.

The scene gives a feel of exclusion of the woman while the men interact, thus, suggestively giving the impression of a sumbissive nature portrayed by her lowered head.

By depicting her in a bright yellow dress, amidst the subdued tonality of the painting, I am forecefully bringing her to the foreground by directing the viewer’s eye towards the bright colour thus focusing attention on her and attempting to nullify the first feel or impression of the scene.

Contrary to this feel of submission, the posture of the woman is infact meant to represent a pensive or meditative state the nullifies this submissive nature-conveyed by her half closed eyes.

She is engrossed in meditative daydreaming of a rich life of equality, happiness and fulfillment.

The aim of the painting is a strong message calling for social recognition and women equality in sudanese societies.


The Reflection

Charchoal on paper

Live Model -École des Beaux Arts Paris

paintings-9 - Version 2


Oil on canvas
40cm × 80cm